Newsletter No. 15.      December, 2007




           INTERNATIONAL DANUBE NEUROLOGY                           




Honorary President: Prof. Dr.Dr.h.c. Franz Gerstenbrand (Vienna);  Secretary General: Prof. Dr. László Vécsei (Szeged)

Deputy Secretary General: Prof. Dr. Zbigniew Stelmasiak (Lublin);  Scientific Secretary: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Ransmayr (Linz)

Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. János Tajti (Szeged);  Head of Office: Assoc. Lecturer Erika Grossmann (Szeged)








1. In Memoriam Professor Franz Seitelberger (1916-2007)

2. Management Committee Meeting of the  International Danube Association

(Brussels, 26th August, 2007)

3. Meeting with the Representatives of the Italian Society of Neurology

(Brussels, Belgium, 25-28 August, 2007)

4. Report of the Fifth  International Congress on Vascular Dementia

(Budapest, Hungary, 8-11 November 2007)

5. The 2nd Joint Symposium of Serbian and Hungarian Neurologists (Belgrade, October 19-20, 2007)

6. Progress in Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy and Headache. Teaching Course

(Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, 7-9 April, 2008)

7. The 40th International Danube Neurology Symposium (Sinaia, Romania,  21-24 May, 2008)

8. The 41st  International Danube Neurology Symposium (Linz, Austria, 16-18 October, 2009)

9.  Danube Neurorehabilitation Section (by Professor H. Binder, Austria) 

10. Future Conferences, Meetings, Courses and Symposia of the Int. Danube Neurology Association

11. Boards of the International Danube Neurology Association of Central and East Europe

(November, 2007)

12. Present and Future Activities of the International Danube Neurology Association

13. Finances of the International Danube Neurology Association

14. Future Congresses, Meetings

15. Web-site of the International Danube Neurology Association




1.  In Memoriam Professor Franz Seitelberger (1916-2007)


Professor Franz Seitelberger was born in Vienna 1916. He was a neurologist and university professor; 1959-1987 head of the Department of Neurology of the University of Vienna, 1970-1990 head of the Institute of Brain Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, 1975-1977 Rector of the University of Vienna; he had substantial contributions in the fields of neurology, neuroanatomy and neuropathology, especially as regards the ageing of the brain and neurodegenerative processes, with over 400 scientific publications.

He received in 1987 E. Schrödinger Prize of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Publications: Zur Neuropathologie des Alkoholismus, 1962; Grundzüge der morpholog. Entwicklung des Zentralnervensystems, 1967 (with K. Jellinger); Zur Immunopathogenese der Hirngewebsläsionen bei Multipler Sklerose, 1969; Lebensstadien des Gehirns, 1978; Umwelt und Gehirn, 1980; Wie geschieht Bewußtsein?, 1987; Gehirn, Bewußtsein, Erkenntnis 1995, (with E. Oeser.) Source: http://www.dieuniversitaet-online.at/beitraege/news/altrektor-und-neurologe-franz-seitelberger-gestorben/10.html)


Foto: F. Seitelberger, privat;  


We would like to present a necrology by the Honorary President of the Danube Neurology Association, Professor Gerstenbrand:

“Professor Dr. Franz Seitelberger was known far beyond the Austrian border as an excellent neuro-pathologist. His education in clinical neurology and neuropathology occurred by Professor Dr. Hans Hoff, director of the University Clinic for Psychiatry and Neurology in Vienna. Professor Dr. Seitelberger is author of a great number of scientific publications following the Central European scientific habit of correlation between clinic and anatomical alliance. As an excellent clinician and pioneer in neuropathology, Professor Seitelberger has marked the Central European Neurology in a special way. From the beginning he was active cooperating in the building of the Danube Neurology and had an important role in the success of the different Danube Symposia. His colleagues will be missing him very much and will always keep a special honouring remembrance.

Univ.Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c.mult Franz Gerstenbrand

2.  Management Committee Meeting of the  International Danube Association (Brussels, 26th August, 2007)


The forthcoming Curatorium Management Meeting of our Association was held on 26th August in Brussles, Belgium, during the 11th EFNS Congress in Brussels (August 25-28, 2007). Below you find the protocol of the Meeting:


1.       Introduction (Professor Gerstenbrand) 

2.       Professor Vécsei (General Secretary) gave a report about the present activities of the IDS as follows:

2.1.     The Danube Neurology Newsletter (No 14) (in June 2007) was posted by e-mail to International Danube Neurology Association members, participants at former Danube Symposia and at the Danube Clinical Neurology Training Courses.

2.2.     The web-site of the Danube Association is being constantly actualized with all Danube Newsletters, new, up-to-date information about future meetings, symposia, teaching courses, etc. (http://www.szote.u-szeged.hu/neur/danube)

3.       ESCNP Symposium 2007, Bucharest (May 2008) (Professors Battistin and Rektor)

4.       Report of future Danube Neurology Symposia:

4.1.     The 40th Danube Neurology Symposium organized by Professor Bajenaru (May 21-24, 2008 Rumania)

4.2.     The 41st Danube Neurology Symposium organized by Professor Ransmayr (October 16-18, 2009, Linz, Austria)

4.3.     The 42nd Danube Neurology Symposium organized by Professor Demarin and Professor Relja (2010, Croatia)

5.       Future Meetings, Teaching and Training Courses, Exchange Programmes under the auspices of the International Danube Neurology Association. Teaching Course of Danube Neurology Symposium (April 7-9, 2008, Kazimierz, Poland) (Professor Stelmasiak and Vécsei)

6.       Report of the Fifth International Congress on Vascular Dementia (November 8-11, 2007, Budapest, Hungary) (Professors Korczyn and Vécsei)

7.       Finances of the Danube Neurology Symposia, Training and Teaching Courses: 70:30 between the local organizers and the permanent International Danube Neurology Association Secretariat or to transfer the amount of min. EUR 2,500 to the Secreteriat

8.       Conference on Chronic Neurological Conditions (2008, Marseille, Professor Beloyannis)

9.       Collaboration with EFNS, WFN, EPDA, EBC and other neurological organizations (Professor Gerstenbrand)

10.    Varia

11.    Closing remarks (Prof. Gerstenbrand)


3. Meeting with the Representatives of the Italian Society of Neurology (Brussels, Belgium, 25-28 August, 2007)


During the 11th Congress of the EFNS in Brussels (25-28 August, 2007), there was a meeting with representaives  of the Italian Society of Neurology (on behalf of Professor A. Federico). The main agenda of the discussion was the so-called Siena-Agreement for Cooperation with the Danube Neurology Association  which was further discussed among the colleagues. The aim was to find possibilities of scientific cooperation in the future.


4. The Fifth  International Congress on Vascular Dementia (Budapest, Hungary, 8-11 November 2007)


Co-chairs: Amos D. Korczyn (Israel), L. Vécsei (Hungary)

The very successful Congress hosted about 950 participants.

4.1 The topics of the Congress were:


Definitions and Diagnostic Criteria for Vascular and Mixed Dementia; Mixed Dementia; Specific Vascular Cognitive Syndromes; Epidemiology: Prevalence and Incidence Studies, Risk Factors; Mechanisms: White Matter Changes, Strategic Strokes, Multiple Lacunae; Cellular processes: Oxidative Stress, Apoptosis, Endothelial Changes; Evaluation: Structural and Functional Imaging, Transcranial Doppler, SPECT, PET, MRI; Neuropsychology: Testing for Cognitive Impairment and for Depression in Vascular Brain Disease; Prevention and Treatment: Drug Trials, Inclusion Criteria, Outcome Measures; Vascular Factors in Alzheimer’s Disease and Binswanger's Disease; Genetic Forms of Vascular Dementia; Genes involved in Vascular Brain Disease; CADASIL; Amyloid Angiopathy; Mild Cognitive Impairment; Homocystein and Brain Damage; Vascular Depression; Cardiac Disease & Cognitive Impairment; The Blood-Brain Barrier in Dementia; Neurocanthocytosis; Post-irradiation Encephalopathy; MELAS; Susac’s Syndrome; Fabry's Disease.

For further information see: www-kenes.com/vascular  


4.2 The Poster Prize winners at the Fifth VAD Congress were:


1st Prize: Age-adjusted WML-Scores for Diagnostics of Normal vs. Pathological Values in Dementias  (R. Seitz, P. Kelemen, M. Kreis, M. Damian, B. Krumm, L. Frölich, F. Hentschel, Germany)

2nd Prize: Influence of Caloric Restriction in the Amyloid Plaque Formation and the Microglial Cell Activation in TG2576 Mice  (M.C. Romero, J. Wang, A.B. Rocher, L. Ho, P.R. Hof, G.M. Pasinetti, S. Martin-Aragon, J. Benedi, A.M. Villar, Spain, USA)

3rd Prize: Study of Polymorphisms in the Genes Encoding for Antioxidative Proteins in Patients with Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease  (A. Cagnin, V. Lunardelli, C. Briani, C. Gabelli, S. Terrazzino, F. Miccichè, A. Stecca, M. Passarotto, M. Motta, G.L. Ricchieri, A. Leon, L. Battistin, Italy)


4.3 Joint Symposium of the Austrian and Hungarian Neurological Societies  (11th November, 2007)


The Congress hosted a joint symposium of the Austrian and Hungarian Neurological Societies under the title: VASCULAR DEMENTIA: AN INCREASING HEALTH-CARE PROBLEM AND TASK FOR NEUROLOGISTS TO BE DECIDED


-          Chairpersons:  Franz Fazekas (Austria), László  Vécsei (Hungary)

The Spectrum of VD: Diagnostic Limitations (Franz Fazekas, Austria)

VD: A  Neuropathologic Diagnosis (Kurt Jellinger, Austria)

Prevention of Stroke  and Cognitive Vascular Impairment  (Martin Furtner, Johann Willeit, Austria)

MRI Surrogates for Vascular Dementia Trials (Reinhold Schmidt, Austria)

-          Chairpersons: Katalin Sas (Hungary), Reinhold Schmitt (Austria)

Mild Cognitive Impairment of Vascular Origin: Facts and Unanswered Questions (Zoltán Nagy, Hungary)

Our Experiences with Cognitive Testing in Acquired Neuropsychological Deficits (László Csiba, Hungary)


Evidence Based Treatment of Dementia: What Can We Learn from the Cochrane Library? 

(Dániel Bereczki, Hungary)

The Aprosodias: Clinical Manifestation and Significance of the Syndrome (Péter Tariska, Hungary)

Carotid Stenosis and Cognitive Function  (László Sztriha, Hungary)


4.4 Symposium of  the Romanian Society for the Study of Neuroprotection and Neuroplasticity (SSNN)


Also, the Congress hosted a Symposium of  the Romanian Society for the Study of Neuroprotection and Neuroplasticity (SSNN), (November 09th, 2007) under the title: NEUROPROTECTION AND NEUROPLASTICITY IN NEURODEGENERATIVE DISORDERS with the following programme:


Neuroprotection and Neuroplasticity - A Short Consensus of the Concepts. Clinical Utility of Neurotrophic Factor Therapy (Cerebrolsyin) in VAD - Data from a New Pilot Clinical Study  (Dafin Muresanu)

Neuroimmunotrophic Activity in Vascular Dementia: Regulation of Serum IGF-I and TNF-ALPHA (Anton Alvarez)

Neurotrophic Factors - Mechanisms of Potential First Generation Therapeutics (Herbert Moessler)

Post Stroke Dementia (Natan Bornstein)

Pathological Changes of the Blood-Brain Barrier in Dementias (Bogdan Popescu)


For further details about the Congress see: http://www.kenes.com/vascular/



5. The 2nd Joint Symposium of Serbian and Hungarian Neurologists (Belgrade, October 19-20, 2007)


Co-chairs: S. Apostolski (Belgrade), V. Kostic (Belgrade), L. Vécsei (Szeged)

The 2nd Joint Symposium of Serbian and Hungarian Neurologists took place from 19-20 October, 2007, in Belgrade. The Scientific Programme was:

Effects of valproic acid on the dopaminergic system (Péter Klivényi)

Apo-E gene allele frequencies in different subtypes of multiple sclerosis (Erika Losonczi)

Transcranial direct current stimulation in epilepsy (Edina Varga)

The effect of selective COX inhibitors on the NO-induced n-NOS expression in the caudal trigeminal nucleus of the rat

(Hedvig Varga)

L-kynurenine attenuates the nitroglycerin-induced n-NOS in rat caudal trigeminal nucleus (Enikő Vámos)

T-cell subpopulations in experimantal autoimmune encephalomyelitis (Đorđe Miljković)

Serum anti-GFAP antibodies in dysimmune neuropathies (Ivana Basta)

Hemiballism-hemichorea syndrome (Aleksandr Ristić)

Postpuncture headache /mean flow velocity and vasomotor reactivity estimated by TCD (Aleksandra Radojičić)

The significance of uric acid in MS (Irena Dujmović)

Hashimoto encephalopathy / problem of urgent neurology (Marko Ercegovac)

Parenchymal brain echosonography in differential diagnosis of parkinsonism (Milija Mijailović)

CSF markers in dementia (Gorana Mandić )


 6. Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Headache and Vertigo – Danube Teaching Course (April 7-9 2008, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland)


The Danube Lectures will be as follows:


7 April, 2008:

Persistent Vegetative State - Prof. F. Gerstenbrand (Austria)

Depression and Dementia - Prof. A. Korczyn (Izrael)

Stroke Units in USA - Prof. E. Wirkowska (USA)
Progress in MS - Prof. Hartung (Germany)

Markery w SM - Prof. K. Selmaj (Poland)

Differential diagnosis of MS - Prof. Rolak (USA)


April 8, 2008:

Status epilepticus and acute symptomatic seizures-  Prof. Bauer


April 9, 2008:

Recent developments in understanding of patomechanism of migraine and treatment strategies - Prof. L. Vecsei (Hungary)


For further information please see the website: http://www.danube2007.paiz.com.pl/



7. The 40th International Danube Neurology Symposium in conjunction with The 6th  Congress of The Romanian Society of Neurology and the European Society of Clinical Neuropharmacology


Organized by: Professor Ovidiu Bajenaru,  Romania       E-mail: ovalbajenaru@xnet.ro     

Time: 21-24 May, 2008      Venue: International Convention Center, Casino Sinaia (Sinaia, Romania)

Wednesday, May 21: Evidence based medicine - Teaching course, Session of the Society for Study of Neuroprotection and Neuroplasticity, Satellite Symposium

Thursday, May 22: Opening ceremony, “Gheorghe Marinescu Conference”, Dementia, Satellite Symposium, Stroke, Dementia, Neuroethics, Neurorehabilitation, Epilepsy, Satellite Symposium

Friday, May 23: Movement disorders (Plenary session), Multiple sclerosis, Neurooncology, YNT session, Satellite Symposium,

Danube Board Meeting  13.30-14.30), Movement disorders, Peripheral neuropathies;

Meeting of the European Society for Clinical Neuropharmacology  (location tbc), Poster Sessions

Saturday May 24: Myastenia, Closing ceremony and poster awards, Satellite Symposium, Board Meeting  of the Romanian Society of Neurology.


Invited speaker for the Honorary Lecture “Gheorghe Marinescu” at the official opening ceremony of the Danube Symposium (which will be joined with the Annual Congress of the Romanian Society of Neurology) will be Professor Vladimir Hachinski.

Early registration before 15th March 2008!     Deadline for Abstract Submission: 31st January, 2008

Symposium website: www.danube2008.ro


8. The 41st  International Danube Neurology Symposium (15-17 October, 2009, Linz, Austria) 


The motto of the Sympoisium is: What we can learn from our neighbours.

Organized by: Professor Gerhard Ransmayr,  Austria  

E-mail: gerhard.ransmayr@akh.linz.at      Time: 15-17 October, 2009

Venue: Linz, Austria  (The city of Linz will be the cultural capital of Europe with numerous cultural events.)

Suggested topics:

1) Aging in neurological diseases (concentrating on cerebrovascular diseases, dementia, Parkinson’s disease and related disorders and epilepsy);

2) Multiple sclerosis and related disorders

It is planned to have: plenary sessions with invited experts, satellite symposia, free communications, poster sessions and teaching courses (tutorials). An interesting form of presentation could also be controversies of experts on specific topics (Diagnosis, treatment, etc.).


9. Danube Neurorehabilitation Section (by Professor H. Binder, Austria) 


Professor Binder (Professor for Neurology President of Austrian Society of Neurorehabilitation
SMZ Baumgartner Höhe - Otto Wagner Spital) is working on setting up a Danube Neurorehabilitation Section within the organisation of the International Danube Neurology Association. We would like to present his short report about the activities:


“Neurorehabilitation: a new section within the Danube Association

Studying epidemiological data and projections for the coming decades, one must assume a numerical increase in disabled persons suffering from diseases of the nervous system will occur. Medicine, not least, is responsible for this situation because of improvements in treatment for formerly fatal neurological diseases recently growing number of patients with more or less chronic disability has become something of an issue. On the other hand the scientific and technical progress fortunately has lead to more and more growing number of promising neurorehabilitative treatments. But sad to say neurorehabilitation is neglected almost during neurological residency and leads a wallflower existence in neurological congresses and postgraduate training.

This situation gave rise to setting up a special rehabilitation section within the Danube Association in September 2007. The task of the section must serve first and foremost education and training. Neurorehabilitation must be part of each congress program with two destinations: first to inform about contemporary scientific activities and results in the frame of main topics and secondly to give hands on informations during workshops. Furthermore, the section must bring awareness for neurorehabilitation into the thick of hospitals, departments and not at least the teams by organizing and coordinating on-site training or teaching courses. If nothing else she should serve as a kind of "communication network" for exchange of questions and answers regarding special problems occuring during daily work.

To be adequate to the forementioned tasks it is necessary to collect all colleagues interested and experienced in different neurorehabilitation areas. Therefore we request to touch base with the chairman of the section Univ.Prof.Dr.H. Binder (heinrich.binder@wienkav.at) who will organize a first meeting during the next Danube Symposium not only to meet each other and distribute responsibilities but above all to compile a detailed programme concerning the contents.


10. Future Meetings of the International Danube Neurology Association


10.1 The 42nd  International Danube Neurology Symposium 


Organized by: Professor Vida Demarin  &  Professor Maja Relja    

E-mail: vida.demarin@zg.t-com.hr  &  mrelja@mamef.mef.hr       Time: 2010

(Please note that the e-mail address of Professor Demarin was wrong in our previous, Newsletter 14! This is the correct, actual e-mail address!)


10.2 The 43rd International Danube Neurology Symposium 


Organized by: Professor Heinz Reichmann (Dresden, Germany)   E-mail: Heinz-Reichmann@mailbox.tu-dresden.de  Time: 2011


10.3 The 44th International Danube Neurology Symposium 


Organized by: Professor László Vécsei (Szeged, Hungary)   E-mail: vecsei@nepsy.szote.u-szeged.hu  Time: 2012


10.4 The 45th International Danube Neurology Symposium 


Organized by: Professor Evzen Ruzicka (Praha, Czech Republic) E-mail: eruzi@lf1.cuni.cz   Time: 2013


10.5 The 46th International Danube Neurology Symposium


Professor Kostic (Belgrade, Serbia) is applying for the organization. The final decision will be held during the Management Committee Meeting of the  International Danube Neurology Association at the 40th Danube Symposium in Romania, 2008.

Time: 2014





AND EAST EUROPE    (November, 2007)



     Honorary President                     General Secretary                           Deputy Secretary General

Prof. Dr.Dr.h.c. F. Gerstenbrand                Prof. Dr. L. Vécsei                                     Prof. Dr. Z. Stelmasiak




Senior Advisory Committee                                                                                                                            

Prof. E. Csanda (Budapest)

Prof. I. Georgiev (Sofia)

Prof. D. Hadijev (Sofia)

Prof. K. Jellinger (Vienna)

Prof. R.D. Koch (Magdeburg)

Prof. H.F. Schulze (Berlin)

Prof. J. Toole (Winston-Salem)

Prof. N.V. Vereshchagin (Moscow)

Prof. M. Wender (Poznan)




        Executive Board

László Vécsei Gen. Secr. (Szeged)

Michael Brainin (Klosterneuburg)

Vida Demarin (Zagreb)

Franz Gerstenbrand (Vienna)

Pavel Kalvach (Praha)

Amos Korczyn (Tel Aviv)

Carl H. Lücking (Freiburg)

Tine S. Prevec (Ljubljana)

Gerhard Ransmayr (Linz)

Heinz Reichmann (Dresden)

Peter Riederer (Würzburg)

Cristian Falup-Pecurariu (Brasov),

Representative of the

European Association of Young

Neurologists and Trainees



         Deputy Members

J. Afra (Budapest)

M. Gavranovic (Sarajevo)

A.B. Guekht (Moscow)

V. Komarek (Praha)

J. Kotowicz (Warsaw)

Z.M. Levic (Beograd)

L. Lisy (Bratislava)

I. Milanov (Sofia)

R.Z. Moukhamedzianov (Kazan)

Z. Mubrin (Zagreb)

J. Opara (Tarnowskie Góry)

M. Piradov (Moscow)

I. Szirmai (Budapest)

I. Velcheva (Sofia)

B. Volk (Freiburg)




    Managing Board

S.A. Apostolski (Beograd)

O. Bajenaru (Bucuresti)

D. Bartko (Bratislava)

S. Beloiannis (Thessaloniki)

H. Binder (Vienna)

N. Bornstein (Tel Aviv)

D. Bozicevic (Zagreb)

V. Brinar (Zagreb)

A. Czlonkowska (Warsaw)

J. Czopf (Pécs)

M. Drobny (Martin)

D.G. Gherman (Kishinev)

E.I.Gusev (Moscow)

V. Kostic (Beograd)

N. Loncarevic (Sarajevo)

D. Muresanu (Cluj Napoca)

R. Naumovski (Skopje)

T. Negrycz (Lvov)

I. Pascu (Tirgu Mures)

Z. Pirtosek (Ljubljana)

N. Psatta (Bucuresti)

I. Ravnik (Ljubljana)

I. Rektor (Brno)

M. Relja (Zagreb)                                       

   Associate Members

Y. Agid (Paris)

L. Battistin (Padova)

G. Boysen (Copenhagen)

R. Clifford Rose (London)

A. Culebras (Syracuse)

J.L. De Reuck (Gent)

R.A. Dierckx (Gent)

G. Ebinger (Brussels)

K. Einhäupl (Berlin)

R.B. Godwin-Austin (Nottingham)

B. Johansson (Lund)

J.M. Lopes Lima (Porto)

J.M. Martinez-Lage (Pamplona)

J. Olesen (Copenhagen)

A. Portera-Sanchez (Spain)

R. Regli (Lausanne)

H. Staunton (Dublin)

G. Stern (London)

A. Twijnstra (Maastricht)



K. Selmaj (Lodz)

O. Sinanović (Tuzla)

P. Traubner (Bratislava)

S. Yancheva (Sofia)

Honorary Members

H. Krejcowa (Praha)

A. Struppler (München)

A. Petrescu (Bucuresti)

J. Tichy (Praha)






12. Present and Future Activities of the International Danube Neurology Association

·          The Danube Neurology Association fosters and coordinates fellowship programs for young neurologists from Danube Countries 

·          Coordination of future Danube Neurology Symposia

·          The Danube Neurology Newsletter is available free of charge (also downloadable) on Internet in electronic version;

·          Information about future events (Calendar of events)

·          We also consider as our task to help with the activity of the EFNS in the Danube-countries.


13. Finances of the International Danube Neurology Association

According to previous decision of the Danube Curatorium Meeting, the financial sources of the International Danube Neurology Association from all kinds of symposia, conferences, meetings, teaching/training or other kinds of courses under the roof and auspices of our organization, are as follows:

According to a final report of the meetings, symposia, etc. to be handed in electronically to the Head Office in Szeged, Hungary, the financial surplus of all meetings should be divided 70:30 between the Local Organizers and the permanent International Danube Neurology Symposium Head Office in Szeged, Hungary. Or the amount of min. EUR 2,500 is to be transferred – together with the financial report – to the Head Office according to our invoice.


14. Future Congresses, Meetings



14.1  The  15th Congress of the European Federation of Neurological Societies  (Budapest, Hungary, 2011)

Chairman of Local Organizing Committee: L. Vécsei

Local Organizing Committee: D. Bereczki, L. Csiba, S. Komoly, Z. Nagy, I. Szirmai; J. Tajti.

Time: 2011      Venue: Budapest, Hungary

Information: Kenes International;  Tel.: +41 22 908 0488; Fax: +41 22 732 2850; www.kenes.com




14.2 The 5th International Symposium on Coma and Death (Havanna, Cuba, May 2008):

President: Calixto MachadoMD, PhD.

5th Latin-American Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology

5th International Symposium of the Definition of Death Network

Information: E-mail: braind@infomed.sld.cu    http://www.sld.cu/neurofisiologia08/      http://changesurfer.com/BD/CD05.html




14.3 The 5th World Congress for Neurorehabilitation (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 24-27 September, 2008)

Information: www.sarah.br/wfnr-rio2008  




14.4 The 6th World Congress for Neurorehabilitaion (Vienna, Austria, 2010)      



15. Web-site of the International Danube Neurology Association

The home-page of the International Danube Neurology Association consists of:

·          the contents of all Newsletter (Nr.1-15)

·          Managing and Executive Board Members of Danube Neurology Association

·          Past and future Symposia, Conferences, Meetings

·          Other further important information.





Danube Association web-site: